General Assembly 2021

14th December

36 Rue Gay-Lussac, 75005 Paris
Ⓜ Luxembourg

Next D2I2 general assembly

Christmas is coming, as well as the next D2I2 general assembly !

It will take place on  Tuesday 14 December, starting at 7.00 pm, at the bar: La Bonbonnière (36 Rue Gay-Lussac, 75005 Paris).

The General Assembly is the time for renewal of the Administration Council of the association (total 10 persons each with a 3-year mandate). This year 3 persons must be replaced, we therefore call for people motivated to join us. in driving the association. If so, send us a mail (contact below) explaining who you are and why you want to join.

The program? A moment of conviviality for the doctors (current and soon-to-be) of the two infinites, with a dedicated time to elect the next members of the administration council (CA), and of course around your favorite drink 😉 let’s have a good time as long as the bars stay open.

The General Assembly is an important time in the life of the association, and your attendance is more than ever needed! If you cannot personally attend, you can give proxy to another member attending the meeting.

Hope to see many of you there,
The D2I2 team

Contact us: d2i2[@nospam]