Séminaire D2I2

17 novembre 2016

Ⓜ Jussieu

A pirate’s journey to the infinite ocean of biology in order to hack cells and their treasured memories.

Throughout history, mankind has always tried to master the world that surrounds him. The technological progress of the last century made it possible to shape the living at its will. From GMO to unsuspected technological applications, and through quiet surprising PhD projects, synthetic biology finds more and more its place in the world of science and technologies. The accessibility of technologies also made it possible to the general population to modify the living “in its garage”, creating a new community of, among others, students, scientists, artists and designers: the biohackers.

This is the tale of synthetic biology, its tools, its applications including genetic memory, and its ethical interrogations, as seen through the eyes of a young PhD student.


Let’s meet at 7:30pm at LPNHE (seminar room, enter tower number 12 and go downstairs) on Jussieu campus! After the seminar, we will continue the evening in a bar 😉